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Education is at our core. Our major educational event, the CAD/CAM Expo and Symposium, has grown into one of the premier events in the industry.



DLOAC was first in bringing you a CAD/CAM-only event.  We remain at the forefront of technology education.



We recognize the importance of running a profitable lab so we consistently incorporate essential information and inspiration into our events and publications.



There is no better way to navigate the unique challenges of the dental lab industry than sharing concerns, ideas and solutions with other lab owners. DLOAC is your community in California.


Educating Dental Labs for Success

Education is at our core. Our major educational event, the CAD/CAM Expo and Symposium, has grown into one of the premier events in the industry. We recognize the importance of digital technology during its early stages of development and it has been a major component of our educational efforts ever since. In the past three years, DLOAC has brought over 20 leaders in dental technology to our members. Some of the topics covered include: Understanding Scanning Problems, Titanium Bar Restorations Using CAD/CAM, Digital Workflow for Complicated Cases and Rise of the Machines. 

Leaders in CAD/CAM Technology

We formed DLOAC as an association of dental lab owners, because the complexities of producing high-precision, natural looking prosthetics presents business challenges unique to our industry. No one understands your business needs like your peers. Our business educational programs and articles are tailored for our lab owner members to address current needs and prepare for the future.  In the past three years, DLOAC has brought over a dozen related business professions to speak to our members. To name a few, topics have included Regulatory Changes and the FDA, Business Improvement Strategies, and Mergers & Acquisitions in the Dental Lab Industry. Some of these presentations are available for viewing in our Members Only section. Business topics are always included in our quarterly magazine, Dental Laboratory Entrepreneur.

Business Development

DLOAC members benefit from a network of dental lab professionals, exclusive publications, expos and events. We are committed to delivering opportunities designed to grow your business with an eye towards CAD/CAM technologies that fuel opportunities. Learn to grow your business from successful dental lab owners and business development and marketing partners who specialize in the dental lab industry.

Building a Community for Dental Lab Owners

We are lab owners too and we know the long hours at the bench translate to many experiences and techniques in the lab. Becoming a member of DLOAC and participating in our events will give you the insight and network to thrive in your profession. The DLOAC CAD/CAM Community is a place where you can learn, discuss and share so you can get the most out of your membership.

Attend the 13th Annual CAD/CAM
Expo & Symposium

We are gearing up for the largest CAD/CAM Expo & Symposium for dental lab owners in North America. Every year we celebrate the advances in CAD/CAM technology for dental professionals.   


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We offer outstanding opportunities for members to meet dental professionals, expand relationships, share ideas and address key issues through meetings and special events. Become a member of the Dental Lab Owners Association and help your business grow.